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Life Insurance

Life insurance benefits provide a safety net for your survivors in the event of your death. Compass Group provides full-time associates with basic life insurance
at no cost.


If you want more coverage than the basic life insurance provided by Compass Group, you have the option to purchase supplemental life insurance. The cost depends on your age.

If you leave the company, your life insurance is portable and may be converted. If you become disabled and then leave the company, you can apply to continue your supplemental life insurance coverage at no cost.

The maximum coverage (basic and supplemental combined) cannot exceed $700,000 without submitting Evidence Of Insurability (EOI). back to top

Spouses/domestic partners and dependent children

In addition to life insurance coverage for yourself, you can elect life insurance coverage for your eligible dependents. back to top

Coverage-level restrictions

You may "move up" only one level of coverage each enrollment event. For example, with life insurance, if you select an additional $10,000 of coverage for this plan year, the most you will be able to select for next year is an additional $20,000 of coverage. back to top

Additional benefits

In addition to providing benefits to your beneficiaries in the event of your death, your life insurance coverage includes access to financial counseling, will preparation, legal services and travel assistance. back to top

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