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“What struck me most is the way this organization puts its people first and respects individual talent. Some companies may promote it but they’re ruthless behind the scenes. Here your talent is what will bring you forward. You are given the autonomy to make key decisions and personal growth is a priority.”

Joey – Canteen

Meet Joey

“I was always told to ‘be yourself’ and being myself has propelled me to where I am today. In fact, the more I stay true to myself, the higher I move within Compass Group and life. I love the limitless opportunities available here to women of color like myself and who have backgrounds like mine.”

Keleigh – Chartwells K12

Meet Keleigh

“I started with Compass Group as an intern shortly after college. That was over 10 years ago and I look back with pride at the career I’ve made, and it is all due to the people. Whether I’m laughing with my teammates or learning from others’ experience, I’ve always felt connected with the people and with the job.”

Veronica – Corporate

Meet Veronica