You are considered eligible for Compass Group benefits if you are a full-time associate working an average of 30 hours or more per week.
  • Full-time Management and Professional associates are eligible for benefits, with the exception of Short Term Disability STD) coverage, on the first day of the month following one month of service at Compass Group. Full-time Management and Professional associates are automatically covered under the STD policy after they have completed six months of service.
  • Full-time Team Member associates are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following two months of service after the completion of the company’s one month orientation period.

Once you have been employed with Compass Group for more than one year, your employment status and benefits eligibility will be verified* based on the average of your actual hours paid in the previous 12 months. This average will be recalculated each year prior to Annual Enrollment.

Union associates should refer their Collective Bargaining Agreement for benefits eligibility.*Exempt Management and Professional associates are not subject to this verification.*


Your eligible dependents include:
  • Your lawful spouse (regardless of gender), who is not living separate and apart from you
  • Your children, including stepchildren to the end of the month in which he/she becomes age 26
  • Your unmarried children age 26 or older who are mentally or physically unable to care for themselves, but only if the disability arose at a time when the child could have been covered as a dependent under Compass Group’s benefits.

You must provide the required enrollment information for your dependents and beneficiaries (name, social security number, gender and date of birth).

Dependent Verification

Compass Group requires associates to submit documentation proving the relationship of all dependent(s) covered under a Compass Group medical, dental and/or vision plan. Generally, supporting documentation is only required upon the initial enrollment of an eligible dependent.

If you add a dependent to your coverage whose relationship needs to be verified, you must submit all required documents within 30 days. If you fail to provide the required documentation, your dependent(s) will be removed from coverage.

Generally, once your benefit selections are made, they remain in effect for the remainder of the plan year (January 1 – December 31) and cannot be changed – unless you have a qualified life event, employment status change or you qualify for a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) special enrollment.