At Compass Group, career growth can mean many things including growing in your current role, growing in preparation for a promotion, or changing a career path.

With so many different job roles across a variety of sectors, Compass Group can give our people a tremendously wide range of diverse, rewarding options to grow their careers. We want you to make the most of your abilities by planning how you will grow your career.

Compass Group believes developing our great people not only supports our business goals, but also leads to career growth and long-term associate satisfaction.


At Compass Group career growth happens in partnership with your manager.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or a senior-level manager, Compass Group offers you an extensive range of learning opportunities.

Key to your career growth is the ability to gain new skills and expand your knowledge. Our courses are designed to enhance your performance in your current role and help you advance to your next role.

Compliance Training

Compliance Training

As a leader in our field we have to set the highest possible standards for the quality of the services we provide and the professional and ethical way we run our business. Our reputation and future success depend on it.

Compass Group offers a range of courses to help you understand your role in maintaining the highest standards of service, interaction with others and ethics.

University Programs

University Programs

Compass Group has teamed up with select University programs to enhance associates' educational, professional and personal lives through higher education. Through these partnerships, Compass associates are offered a range of benefits which can include discounted tuition, college credits toward a degree, and waived application fees.

Skills Development Training

Skills Development Training

Skills Development Training can help match the needs of all associates regardless of career experience. Our goal is to offer the best, most effective job-related training possible for associates to maximize skills for excellent job performance and career growth. We offer a broad base of skills and knowledge.

Technical Skills:

The day-to- day skills that assist in promoting effective production and work satisfaction.

Interpersonal Skills:

The use of people skills for communication, relationships and helping others.

Management Skills:

The ability to supervise direct and guide individuals and groups in the completion of tasks and fulfillment of goals

Financial Skills:

The understanding and application of financial management principals to ensure decisions are fiscally sound and responsible.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We provide leadership development programs for every stage of your career. Our Leadership Development programs prepare our future leaders to develop the organization and drive long-term, sustainable growth.

You can be a leader at every stage in your career. From managing yourself to managing a business, our leadership development programs are designed to achieve results—both for you and for the organization.

MIT - Manager In Training


Manager-in-Training provides talented recent graduates and internal high potentials with a unique fast-track learning opportunity focusing on management development. MIT builds a bench of new managers. Upon successful completion, MIT delegates have the opportunity to assume a role within the organization. General topics include Prioritizing, Customer & Client Focus, Coaching & Managing, Relationship-building, Conflict Management, and Achieving Results through Others.


evolveOffered for specific sectors, EVOLVE provides an opportunity to enhance skills and competencies essential for success in targeted positions. General topics include Driving Execution and Accountability, Listening Skills, Client Relationships, Conflict Management, and Developing Teams.

Project Readiness

project_readinessProject Readiness builds a bench of managers. Participants benefit from having a Fostering Manager and a Success Team. Project Readiness's target audience is current Compass Group managers who have been in an operational supervisory/management role for a minimum of 6 months. General topics include Leadership Agility, MBTI Myers Briggs, Coaching For Results, The Profit Improvement Method, Harvard ManageMentor (HMM), Mapping for Action, and Innovation.


meridianCreated in conjunction with the American Management Association and senior leaders, Meridian addresses the developmental needs of emerging leaders as they transition from individual contributor to manager of others. Meridian's target audience is emerging leaders who work in corporate support roles. General topics include Situational Leadership II, Moving from Functional Manager to Strategic Thinker, Leadership Skills & Team Development, and Developing Executive Leadership.

A.D.A.P.T. – Advanced Leadership And Planned Transition

adaptADAPT prepares managers and directors for multi-site manager roles. ADAPT participants manage and direct an Action Learning Project within their region with the support of regional-level teams, clients, and business partners. General topics include Regional and Corporate Finances, Compass Group's Sales Process, Situational Leadership, and Legal Insights and Contracts.

Leadership Accelerator

leadership_acceleratorLeadership Accelerator is a mobile learning solution for multi-unit leaders with the demonstrated drive, interest, and potential to advance to regional vice president roles. Leadership Accelerator is designed to give today's modern learners just the development they need, when they need it. General topics include Client Relations, Competition Strategies, Financial Acumen, and Negotiating.


spotlightsSPOTlights is a live leadership conference held for select Compass Group leaders in North America. SPOTlights offers an opportunity to gain greater insight into Compass strategy and operations and build professional networks. General topics include Future of Compass, Sphere of Influence, Coaching, and Competitive Analysis

INSights Program

insightsHosted in the United Kingdom by Compass Group PLC, INSights is a live international leadership conference held for select Compass Group Leaders around the globe. INSights offers leaders an opportunity to gain awareness of the global marketplace, stakeholder needs, and contributions required for the future of the business. General topics include Leadership INSights, Business and Relationship INSights, and INSights into Action.


Personal Development Plans (PDPs) are about planning your professional development to accomplish your career goals. Your PDP outlines what actions you will take to ensure career growth. Your Personal Development Plan is a living document. It is meant to change and evolve along with your career and Compass Group’s business needs.


Quarter 1:

Discuss achievements, set goals for the new fiscal year, and determine development opportunities for a Personal Development Plans (PDPs).

Quarter 2:

Focus on executing goals and meeting PDPs with coaching and feedback.

Quarter 3:

Mid-year updates allow time to revise action plans and PDPs before the end of year if needed.

Quarter 4:

Focus on completing action plans and PDPs. This is also the time to reflect on achievements and gather data and documentation to report on accomplishments.