At Compass Group, career growth can mean many things including growing in your current role, growing in preparation for a promotion, or changing a career path.


With so many different job roles across a variety of sectors, Compass Group can give our people a tremendously wide range of diverse, rewarding options to grow their careers. We want you to make the most of your abilities by planning how you will grow your career.

Compass Group believes developing our great people not only supports our business goals, but also leads to career growth and long-term associate satisfaction.


At Compass Group career growth happens in partnership with your manager.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or a senior-level manager, Compass Group offers you an extensive range of learning opportunities.

Key to your career growth is the ability to gain new skills and expand your knowledge. Our courses are designed to enhance your performance in your current role and help you advance to your next role.


Personal Development Plans (PDPs) are about planning your professional development to accomplish your career goals. Your PDP outlines what actions you will take to ensure career growth. Your Personal Development Plan is a living document. It is meant to change and evolve along with your career and Compass Group’s business needs.


Quarter 1:

Discuss achievements, set goals for the new fiscal year, and determine development opportunities for a Personal Development Plans (PDPs).

Quarter 2:

Focus on executing goals and meeting PDPs with coaching and feedback.

Quarter 3:

Mid-year updates allow time to revise action plans and PDPs before the end of year if needed.

Quarter 4:

Focus on completing action plans and PDPs. This is also the time to reflect on achievements and gather data and documentation to report on accomplishments.