Thank you for your interest in Compass Group’s Centralized Employee Referral Program (ERP), called MyReferral! While we take a moment to review your specific question, scroll down to see some general information about the program. We appreciate your patience and will get back to you as soon as possible!

The Basics

  • This program allows you to refer external applicants to ANY participating sector
  • You will receive a bonus if your referral stays with the company for 90 days
  • Bonuses are to be paid out monthly and are based on a report of eligible referrals who have reached their 90 days. The report is analyzed and then submitted for approval. This process means you can typically expect to see the bonus in your paycheck 30-60 days following the completion of this 90 day period.
  • Bonuses are paid from the unit receiving the new hire


  • Associates: All active, non-temporary, and union associates up through and including those classified as grade 17. Associates who are not eligible to participate include HR associates and associates who are directly involved in the hiring process (i.e. the Hiring Manager or someone looking to hire a direct or indirect report).
  • Candidates: All external candidates who are not currently employed by, or have not been employed by, a Compass Group sector within the last 12 months.
  • Positions: Any full-time positions posted by participating sectors on the career website ( are potentially eligible for referral and reward.

The Process

  • Sign In: Go to Job Opportunities and select whether you are a Salaried or Hourly Associate to search jobs.
  • Search: Once you log in, choose ‘Careers’ from the drop-down menu. Find the job you want to refer friends and family to and email them a link to apply.
  • Apply and Status: Your referral can apply by clicking the link in the automated email. You can view the application status in the ‘Careers’ section of MyOpportunity by clicking the ‘Referral Tracking’ tab.
  • 90 days later: After the candidate is hired and completes 90 days of employment with Compass Group, if both the new hire and the referring associate are still employed by Compass Group, the active referring associate will receive the earned bonus (timeline for this payment is also dependent on secondary approvals required to submit payment request).
  • Visit Job Opportunities to find the job you want to refer friends and family and email them the link today!
  • For additional inquiries, please submit a request using the MyReferral Form.

*MyReferral Program available for all active, non-temporary, and union Associates