Human Resources Shared Services is a centralized team comprised of experienced HR professionals who provide guidance and consultation to managers and associates on a variety of HR topics and management needs.




The Benefits Service Center is here to assist you with questions regarding your benefits and to ensure that the administration of our program is compliant with all Federal and/or State regulations, where applicable.

We are here to assist with:

  • Benefits enrollment or questions
  • Providing the necessary requirements to verify your dependents
  • Understanding your benefit deductions
  • Processing a Qualifying Life Event
  • Reporting the passing of an associate or covered dependent

Visit the enrollment website to learn about all of the resources and programs you can take advantage of throughout the year! Visit


The HR Service Center provides guidance and consultation to managers and associates via a tiered employee relations approach that:
  • Results in a positive associate experience;
  • Is delivered in an operationally sound and efficient environment;
  • Mitigates Risk to the company; and
  • Allows our Field HR partners to focus on strategic initiatives for their Sector businesses.
HR Service Center provides guidance and support for timely resolution of the following:
  • Employee Relations
  • Workplace Concerns
  • Wage & Hour Questions
  • Employment Law Interpretation
  • HR Policies/Handbook Interpretation & Application
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • MyLMS support
  • Performance Management
  • Corrective Action/Progressive Counseling
  • Health/Safety/Security
  • Compensation/Salary Information
  • Appeals Process
  • Workplace Emergencies Support
  • Allegations of Harassment & Discrimination


Associate Referral Program- I have an associate inquiring about the candidate they referred. Where do I find out more information?

For more information on the MyReferral program, please visit the MyReferral page. If you have already submitted a candidate through the MyReferral program, please send your inquiry to

Read the full policy here.

CNRC - I need assistance with posting hourly positions. Who should I contact?

Contact the Compass National Recruitment Center (CNRC) at:

Paystub - How do I request a final paycheck for an associate?

For a final paycheck request contact Payroll at 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 6.

Data - How do I change an associate's address?

This may be changed in CPM. For assistance with CPM please contact Payroll at 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 6.

Open Communication/Fair Treatment - I feel like my manager is not providing support in my role. I have tried discussing this with my manager, but I don't feel my concerns are being addressed. What should I do now?

Per the Open Communication/Fair Treatment Policy, associates may discuss their concerns with the next level of management.

FMLA - I need to initiate an FMLA claim for one of my associates. How do I do this?

To initiate an FMLA claim, contact the Leave of Absence department at 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 2.

Attendance & Lateness - An associate is continuously calling out and late for their scheduled shift. What can I do?

Per the Attendance Policy, upon reaching 5 occurrences, a written warning (2nd Progressive Counseling) should be issued to the associate.

Termination - I have an associate who is on a final warning for performance and has not exhibited any improvement. What are my next steps?

Once all documentation has been gathered (i.e. signed HB receipt, previous counseling documents within 12 months, etc.), call or email the HRSC to request termination support.

Performance Management - What can I do when an associate refuses to sign a progressive counseling?

The 2nd manager may sign as a witness. Notate on the counseling form that the associate refused to sign.

Performance Management - I have an associate in their introductory period who is not performing and not able to meet the skillset of the position they are in. What do I do?

The first level of Progressive Counseling within the introductory period is a final warning.

Conduct & Work Rules - An associate is refusing to do their job. What should I do?

Per the Work Rules Policy, ensure the associate clearly understands the assignment and has been warned that his or her refusal may result in progressive counseling, up to and including discharge.


The HR Compliance Teams consist of the Background Check Support and My I-9 Teams.

Background Check Support

The Background Check Team provides support for background checks ordered through First Advantage, Compass Group’s preferred background check vendor.

The BC Team’s primary function is to adjudicate “decisional” background check cases and provide assistance with any questions or issues arising throughout the background check process.

Background Check Support can be reached at: 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 5 or


The MyI-9 Support Team assists Managers with the electronic I-9 and E-Verify process in the MyI-9 system to verify the employment eligibility of all new and rehired associates.

Approved Managers can gain access to MyI-9 through Owner’s Management Suite “OMS” at

MyI-9 Support can be reached at: 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 5 or


Is there an E-Verify poster requirement?

Yes, all units are required to post the E-Verify Participation and the Right to Work posters in both English and Spanish found here.

What is my password to electronically sign Section 2 of the I-9 in MyI-9?

Your Section 2 password is your personnel number, including the leading zeroes. Your password can also be found under MyInfo when you log onto MyI-9.

What I-9 and E-Verify deadlines do I need to follow?

Federal Deadlines for I-9 and E-Verify Completion

  • Section 1 of the I-9: No later than the associate’s 1st day of work
  • Section 2 of the I-9 and E-Verify submission: No later than the 3rd business day following the associate’s first day of work

Is there MyI-9 Training?

Yes, there are two required trainings on MyLMS: (1) General MyI-9 Training; and (2) MyI-9 E-Verify Training. To access these trainings, go to Once logged in, Click on the Find Learning Tab, click on Courses, then search for MyI-9. Next, click on the Course Title (link), click More Information (green button), then click Enroll Me for course enrollment.


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 is a federal law designed to protect an associate’s job and benefits when he/she is out on a qualified leave. All Employers are required to document FMLA per Federal law, regardless of the associate’s tenure with the company. If an associate does not qualify for FMLA, their absence will automatically be reviewed for leave consideration under other leave options.

To report a leave of absence: Please call 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 2 or email at

We will email you updates each time as we receive medical documentation and approve leave

Manager FAQs

What should I do when my employee is ready to return to work?

  • Return the associate to the schedule as soon as possible. No permission is needed from the Leave of Absence team for an associate to resume work.
  • We are only able to process return to work on the date the associate returns, we are NOT able to process any return to work that is in the future.
  • If an associate attempts to return to work with work place restrictions, if you are unable to allow their return, please notify the leave of absence department immediately.
  • Once the associate physically returns to work, please notify the Leave of Absence team at or fax to 704-328-1165.
  • All return to works are processed within 3 days of receipt. Please note it may take additional time for this change to roll over and update all systems.

When can I rehire my employee if terminated for failure to comply with the request for medical?

Employees are eligible for rehire once they are no longer disabled and released from their doctor to return to work.

If I receive medical information/doctor notes for my employee on leave of absence what should I do?

All medical notes related to an associate's leave of absence must be forwarded to leave of absence department to include doctor notes.

What if an employee fails to provide medical documentation to support their leave of absence?

If an employee fails to provide supporting medical information at our first request for medical, their leave will be denied. They will be given an opportunity to appeal the denial, and have 10 additional days to provide documentation. If an employee fails to respond to either request, there leave denial will stand and employment may be terminated.

What if my employee wishes to take their Vacation/PTO/Sick days instead of FMLA?

  • Vacation/PTO/Sick days cannot be taken in lieu of FMLA; it can be taken concurrently.
  • Vacation/PTO/Sick time will not extend associates FMLA.
  • Every associate on a leave of absence will not accrue Vacation/PTO/Sick days until they return to active work.
  • Associates on leave of absence are not eligible to receive holiday pay while on leave of absence.

What happens to my associates pay while on leave of absence?

  • FMLA/ADA leave is unpaid, however, associates may use their accrued vacation/PTO/Sick days during leave, (see below for more details).
  • It is important that we are notified timely of leave to assure we are able to stop salaried associates from being overpaid.
  • Short Term Disability (STD), is a form of salary continuation during an associates leave. At the time we receive leave notification we will notify all associates of their option of receiving STD, if available.

My associate is out due to a Workers Comp injury; should I notify the LOA team?

  • FMLA must run concurrently with Workers Compensation.
  • Yes, always notify the leave of absence team anytime your employee's condition/illness lasts more than 3 consecutive days for reasons other than their prior scheduled vacation.

What is intermittent FMLA?

FMLA permits employees to take leave on an intermittent basis or to work a reduced schedule under certain circumstances.

  • Intermittent/reduced schedule leave may be taken when medically necessary to care for a seriously ill family member or;
  • Intermittent/reduced schedule leave may be taken to care for a newborn or newly placed adopted or foster care child; please contact the leave of absence team for guidance on accommodating their request.
  • If an employee has intermittent leave and their needs change to missing time consecutively, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately.

What if my employee does not have a year of service with Compass Group?

Please forward all associates to the leave of absence team; do not attempt to determine eligibility.

  • All Employers are legally required to start FMLA, regardless of an associate's tenure with the company.
  • Associates who require leave of absence due to their own medical reasons with less than a year of service will be evaluated for a leave under Americans with Disability Act regulations.

When should I notify the LOA team of my employee's absence?

  • Anytime you receive notice of an employee's condition/illness lasting more than 3 days, or their need to care for an ill family member, and either condition exceeds more than 3 consecutive days.
  • For either, all absences must be reported to leave of absence, regardless of the associate's tenure with the company.
  • Anytime your employee requires to miss work intermittently due to a medical condition (see what is Intermittent FMLA).
  • For salaried associates, it is the manager's responsibility to notify us of their last day worked. For future leave of absences, managers must notify us once the associate is no longer working. If we are not notified, the associate will be overpaid and their STD payment could be delayed.

*Please remind all associates on leave of absence due to maternity if they plan to add their newborn to their insurance, they must contact the Benefits Department at 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 1 to get the necessary documents needed within 30 days from the birth of the child.*

Speak Up is a way for Compass associates to confidentially raise issues about unsafe, unethical, or illegal practices.

Compass Group’s reputation is based on the quality of all we do and the ethics and integrity of all our associates. We rely on people to speak up whenever they feel there is a breach of Compass standards or that they, their colleagues, our clients and customers, our business or, our reputation might be at risk. If you encounter discrimination, sexual harassment, unfair employment practices, threats, physical violence or financial conflicts of interest, don’t remain silent.

If you have concerns that you feel cannot be raised with your manager or through normal procedures, you can rely on Speak Up, a 24/7 telephone helpline run by an independent provider.

Click here more more information.