The HR Service Center provides guidance and consultation to managers and associates via a tiered employee relations approach that:
  • Results in a positive associate experience;
  • Is delivered in an operationally sound and efficient environment;
  • Mitigates Risk to the company; and
  • Allows our Field HR partners to focus on strategic initiatives for their Sector businesses.
HR Service Center provides guidance and support for timely resolution of the following:
  • Employee Relations
  • Workplace Concerns
  • Wage & Hour Questions
  • Employment Law Interpretation
  • HR Policies/Handbook Interpretation & Application
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • MyLMS support
  • Performance Management
  • Corrective Action/Progressive Counseling
  • Health/Safety/Security
  • Compensation/Salary Information
  • Appeals Process
  • Workplace Emergencies Support
  • Allegations of Harassment & Discrimination


The HR Compliance Teams consist of the Background Check Support and My I-9 Teams.

Background Check Support

The Background Check Team provides support for background checks ordered through First Advantage, Compass Group’s preferred background check vendor.

The BC Team’s primary function is to adjudicate “decisional” background check cases and provide assistance with any questions or issues arising throughout the background check process.

Background Check Support can be reached at: 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 5 or [email protected]


The MyI-9 Support Team assists Managers with the electronic I-9 and E-Verify process in the MyI-9 system to verify the employment eligibility of all new and rehired associates.

Approved Managers can gain access to MyI-9 through Owner’s Management Suite “OMS” at

MyI-9 Support can be reached at: 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 5 or [email protected].



The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 is a federal law designed to protect an associate’s job and benefits when he/she is out on a qualified leave. All Employers are required to document FMLA per Federal law, regardless of the associate’s tenure with the company. If an associate does not qualify for FMLA, their absence will automatically be reviewed for leave consideration under other leave options.

To report a leave of absence: Please call 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 2 or email at [email protected]

We will email you updates each time as we receive medical documentation and approve leave

*Please remind all associates on leave of absence due to maternity if they plan to add their newborn to their insurance, they must contact the Benefits Department at 877-311-HRHR (4747), press 2, and select Option 1 to get the necessary documents needed within 30 days from the birth of the child.*

SpeakUp, We’re Listening is a way for Compass associates to confidentially raise issues about unsafe, unethical, or illegal practices.

Compass Group’s reputation is based on the quality of all we do and the ethics and integrity of all our associates. We rely on people to speak up whenever they feel there is a breach of Compass standards or that they, their colleagues, our clients and customers, our business or, our reputation might be at risk. If you encounter discrimination, sexual harassment, unfair employment practices, threats, physical violence or financial conflicts of interest, don’t remain silent.

If you have concerns that you feel cannot be raised with your manager or through normal procedures, you can rely on SpeakUp, We’re Listening, a 24/7 telephone helpline run by an independent provider.

Click here for more information.

As a world-leading food management and support services company, we have set the very highest standards for the quality of service we provide and the way we run our business. Our success and future depends on each of us acting professionally, responsibly and in accordance with the standards set out in the Code of Business Conduct.

The Code of Business Conduct sets out our commitment to conduct business fairly by treating everyone – customers, Associates, investors, suppliers, as well as the wider community – with honesty, integrity and respect.

Every individual in Compass Group shares the responsibility to work to the standards set out in the Code of Business Conduct and to conduct our business in a professional, safe, ethical and responsible manner. This is without exception or compromise. The Code of Business Conduct brings together our policies on compliance and ethical issues and is to be followed by all Associates across Compass Group.