Be-A-Star is Compass Group’s premier business excellence recognition program. The mission of Be-A-Star is to provide a consistent platform for each of our business sectors to communicate their key business initiatives and to recognize associates and teams that deliver great results while accomplishing these objectives.

Each business unit and department within Compass Group operates according to our Management and Performance (MAP) Framework. It provides a road map for continued growth and opportunity for our organization.



The program is divided into three “Star” periods, aligned with the end of each of the first three quarters of the accounting calendar. With each star achievement comes more opportunities for recognition while promoting teamwork and camaraderie among associates. Operations compete to meet or exceed all the program requirements for recognition as top performers.

During the Be-A-Star program year, unit managers are encouraged to recognize their teams of associates for going above and beyond. The Be-A-Star program realizes that participating associates value different forms of recognition and caters to this need. The program not only incorporates a variety of ways for managers to recognize their teams, but it also provides ways for associates to recognize each other.

The Be-A-Star Program has been in existence since 1997. Each year, the program theme changes to spark excitement and enthusiasm. The theme of the 2015 Be-A-Star Program is Spotlight On Us. Compass Group has succeeded for 20 years by keeping the focus on our customers and giving them our very best, every day. When a milestone year rolls around, it calls for a celebration of our company and our people. This year’s Be-A-Star theme centers on the inclusive word “Us.” It says that every associate is essential to our company’s growth and prosperity. We can all share the spotlight, and enjoy the rewards of the team approach that has helped us lead the industry for two decades.

Program Materials

To support our green efforts, all materials are available online.
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Throughout the Be-A-Star Program year, operations compete to meet or exceed all the program requirements for recognition as top performers.

The most notable recognition is attendance at the annual awards banquet, officially known as the Compass Night of Stars Recognition Celebration. This spectacular event has been held in destinations such as Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando. The celebration offers fun and excitement, beginning with a welcome reception. The banquet night celebration provides hours of energetic entertainment along with a spectacular five-course meal and award presentations.

All levels of the organization, from officers to team member associates, attend the celebration. Management and associates alike consider this event the pinnacle of the Be-A-Star program. All invited attendees represent the best of the best from the Be-A-Star program. Throughout the evening, several levels of awards are presented to individuals and teams. All Compass Night of Stars Recognition Celebration attendees leave the event with memorabilia commemorating the magnificent gala. However, the banquet is also about providing the winners with a message that they are challenged to share with their teams and other individuals – the message of the importance of “Recognizing Business Excellence” within Compass Group.

2017 Compass Night of Stars Celebration


We sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication of our associates. HERO is a Compass Group recognition program that applauds their outstanding efforts throughout the year.

Our values guide our actions every day. When an associate or team exemplifies one of our values, the manager can recognize the achievement with a HERO award. Peers can also recognize each other.

HERO awards include recognition for:

  • Openness, Trust and Integrity
  • Passion for Quality
  • Winning through Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Can-Do Attitudes
  • Great Achievements

Recognition Materials

To access the HERO recognition materials online, go to: